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New Members

Each year, in March, all dancers 4 years and older will be invited to audition for our Velocity Competitive Team or our Performance Group. 

What's the Difference?

Velocity Competitive Team

  • Dancers who join Velocity are looking to become performers.

  • Members of the team love to entertain and engage large crowds and thrive under high pressure and competitive environments.

  • Dancers of the Velocity team are on a path to become professional entertainers, party hosts, choreographers, or work in the hospitality and event industry. 



Performance Group

  • Dancers who join the performance group are looking to change the world with dance.

  • Members of the group use dance for personal growth and to inspire and uplift the community with non-profit performance opportunities.

  • Dancers of the performance group are on a path to become employed as a dance teacher, camp councillor or work in the education or the child care sector.