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Heading into our 14th season!

Velocity is an All Star competitive dance team in Sacramento, California.

At Velocity, we are passionate about 2 things:

One, providing an amazing experience for all of our dance artists and their families and

Two, delivering on our promise to bring our dancers the very best (and most fun) competitive dance experience they’ll ever have.

Why Do We Offer Velocity?

You’ve probably heard us talk about Velocity, but how do you know if joining the team is the right path for your child?

First, it’s important to remember that we believe dance is invaluable to ALL of our students, no matter how many classes they take!  Velocity’s purpose is grounded in our mission to provide an increasingly comprehensive training for those who want a deeper dance experience.  And while there are many reasons why we’ve chosen to offer Velocity, we can sum them all up within these three overarching objectives:

1. Training with the benefits of performance.

Because dancers participate in additional classes, rehearsals, and performances at an intensive level, our Velocity dancers are spending many hours honing their technique and skills.  Even more importantly, they are also developing their artistry, establishing their commitment, growing their resilience, practicing their sportsmanship, and building their teamwork skills.  Through these character qualities, they are forming lifelong habits and learning how to cultivate a forward-thinking, positive mindset.

2. Working on goals bigger than yourself.

As part of a group, each Velocity member is learning to contribute to a larger purpose – to raise everyone’s potential.  That purpose starts out with learning choreography together and then shifts into “practicing and polishing” mode, striving for excellence so that when the performance event arrives, everyone on the team is contributing their best effort.  While winning is special, it doesn’t compare to the personal wins that come with dancing your heart out and cheering on your team while they do the same.

3. Preparing to possibly pursue dance in the future.

The in-depth focus on dance that our Velocity team offers serves as a platform for our students to consider pursuing dance long-term.  They might think about pursuing a professional performance career, studying dance in college, or exploring teaching or choreography.  Dance-related careers may pique their interest too, such as photography, journalism, and physical therapy.  Being immersed in dance at a young age not only inspires our students to think about the future, it shapes their curiosity about which educational direction might be right for them.

We believe success is all about each child’s personal growth! But if the Velocity commitment seems like a good fit for your dancer, we would love to provide them with that experience.  We invite you to email us with any questions you have about the program!

Fancy Feet Dance Academy & Parties

“We love Velocity for many reasons. The studio provides and atmosphere that is competitive and challenging which allows my girls to excel in an extra curricular they love. What I love most is that my girls are in an environment that challenges them physically but teaches them the importance of sportsmanship, commitment and hard work.

Since joining the Velocity Family, my girls have become more confident and driven to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

I can only attribute the learning of these valuable life lessons to the amazing coaching and choreography provided by the Fancy Feet's Velocity Staff.

They consistently produce dance artists that are winners and leaders both on and off the stage.

Thank you Velocity Team! ”