Junior Velocity (Ages 7+)

  • 7+ years old are invited to audition for Velocity and Performance Group.
  • Complete a $10 Audition in May or June
  • Company rehearsals start August 1st

The Schedule

Junior Velocity
$410 month

Recommended Classes 
(Included in $410 monthly tuition):

Optional Classes 
(Add-on additional classes at $70 per month per style):

Requirements (included in the monthly $400 tuition): 

  • 2 Ballet Classes 
  • 1 Jazz Class 
  • 1 Lyrical Class 
  • Company class that meets weekly Tuesday 7:00pm 

2nd Saturday of the Month 
All Team @ 12:30pm-2:30pm

2 local and 1 Bay Area Competitions 2024


*Additional Fancy Feet classes can be added on for $70 per month, per class.


The Fees

Before you register, we take the time to help you understand your financial commitment involved in being a part of our velocity team. 

Find all associated fees regarding our Velocity Program below.

  • $410 a month for training and rehearsals
  • $255-$350 Velocity Gear
  • $85-$150 each Competition Costumes
  • $100-$250 Competition Entry Fees
  • $350-$400 Convention Fees 
  • $500-$800 Travel Expenses for away competitions 

Audition to be a part of the 2023-2024 team!!

Audition Dates:

May 19th @ 5:00pm or June 28 @6:00pm
only need to attend 1 audition) 

Location: Fancy Feet East Sac Studio D

Click Here to to Sign Up to Audition