Mini Velocity (Ages 4+)

  • 4+ years old are invited to audition for Velocity 
  • Complete a $10 Audition in May or July.
  • Company rehearsals start August 1st

The Schedule

Mini Velocity (2 Local Competitions in 2023)

Recommended Classes:
(Included in $275 monthly 

Optional Classes 
(Add-on additional classes at $60 per month per style):

Tuesdays: Combo @ 6:00pm


Thursday's Combo @ 4:00pm

Ballet @ 11:30am
Company @ 12:30pm

Last Friday of the Month:
All Team @ 5:00pm

*Please note that schedules can be revised to accommodate dancer needs on a case-by-case basis


           *Recommended: Jazz 1, Arco 1, Hip Hop 1

*Additional Fancy Feet classes

can be added on for $60 per month, per class.

The Fees

That means NO hidden fees, NO surprise fees and the confidence and clarity you need before committing your child to our competitive dance program.

Before you register, we take the time to help you understand your financial commitment involved in being a part of our velocity team. 

Find all associated fees regarding our Velocity Program below.

  • $275 a month for training and rehearsals
  • $255-$300 Velocity Gear
  • $100-$250 Dance Uniform and Shoes
  • $25-$40 Stage Makeup
  • $85-$150 each Competition Costume
  • $100-$250 Competition Entry Fees
  • $275-$320 Convention Fees 

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