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The Velocity Dance Company will attend competitions/conventions throughout the dance season (August-June).

  • Becoming a company member will obligate you to these competitions and conventions.
  • All competitions are held on weekends and are a full day and possibly full weekend commitment.
  • Some locations may require overnight stay, but currently nothing is booked more than three hours away from Sacramento.
  • Competition management does not send the performance details to the studio until a week prior to the event, please don't ask. As you as we know, you will be informed. 
  • Everything is listed on the team app calendar.
  • Dancers and parents should plan to be available for the entire weekend.
  • Some competitions may keep the block schedule from last year but there is no guarantee. 
  • There are also occasions when our teams are asked to perform at local events such as:
    • Harlem Globetrotters,
    • Sac Republic Half Time Shows, and
    • Other community oriented outings.
      These events are fun, educational, and great team building experiences and all members are expected to attend.

Travel Plans

Parents are responsible for travel expenses (hotel, food, etc.). Often group rates and discounts are available through the host of the event. Make sure you book in advance as these fill up quickly.

Velocity will be attending:

  • Celebrity Convention Tremaine (optional)
  • Celebrity Competition
  • Act One Competition and
  • Rainbow Dance Competition